mimijumi specializes in the design and production of infant care
products. mimijumi was founded in January 2008 by two
psychiatrists and an industrial designer with the goal of creating
new products that will revolutionize the parenting process.

Every detail on a mimijumi product is considered and crafted
with high attention to detail resulting in the best quality possible.
The thinking and craftsmanship required to create our
products are part of the mimijumi DNA that includes the design and
engineering process, all printed collateral, manufacturing
of the tools ensuring the integrity and design of the final product on the shelf and in the hands of our mimijumi babies.

mimijumi takes the consideration and craft of analog design
processes and translates these into the digital world. By that,
mimijumi creates its very own visual appearance that looks
shockingly quiet yet refined. All this effort is spent to attract
customers that are willing to see more than a few colored
surfaces, customers that won't believe the common flattened,
low resolution design standard available on the market.
Instead, these customers will understand the quality and craft of
the purchased product.
mimijumi baby bottle testimonials
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