Logo Mark
The trademark identifies us in the world. When placed in a meaningful environment, it reflects the goals and spirit of our brand.

The new mark is both a symbol and logomark. It refers to the joyful and emotional experience of parenthood. The dots of the i’s seem to jump happily over the mark which adds a humorous flavor. The soft typeface reflects human friendliness while the merged letters play up the notion of refinement that creates a recognizable look.


Happy Drop
Happy Drop and Stork are designed by Dan Stiles, a Portland-based artist known for his rock posters for recording artists like Sigur Ros, Death Cab for Cutie, Feist,and many more.

Happy Drop and Stork act as stand alone items that enhance the brand message and tone. The two elements are the first of a set of characters that allow for some fun to play around with. Patterns in print or molded inot the product are only some of the creative options these two characters can be used for.

Secondary Brand Elements

Currently, Happy Drop and Stork are used on postcards, primary and secondary product packaging and brand campaigns.

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